AT-43 — The First Heroes

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Atis-AstarteRackham has released the first hero figures for AT-43. The Therians get Atis-Astarte and the U.N.A. gets Sergeant A. Borz. Each figure ships singly in a small box. Atis-Astarte has one unit card and Sgt Borz gets two (one mounted in the Bad Dog Firetoad and one dismounted).

Atis-Astarte is well painted in typical Therian style and looks quite good, but her tippy-toe mounting is not very durable and she will certainly require pinning sooner rather than later. Sergeant A. Borz is well detailed but the casting, or perhaps the paint job, has lost a bit of the detail. He is painted with gray pants and a light bluish-gray shirt. Most disappointing is the poor painting of his face. I was hoping the hero figures would at least have a higher painting standard but unfortunately this not the case.

AT-43 — Grim Golems

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The Therians now have new close assault troops with the arrival of the new Grim Golem set. The Grim Golems ship six to a set with one leader figure, four troopers, and one Flamer figure. Three cards are included (two trooper, one Flamer). The figures are armed with two sets of Reaper Blades and are painted similar to the other Therian Golem figures. The faces are white but include a bit more wash and thus look better than some of the other white faced Therians. The Reaper Blades are soft and you will probably need to straighten many of them out but they still look good and should hold up to play just fine.

AT-43 — Wing Troopers

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AT-43 Wing TrooperThe new AT-43 U.N.A. fast attack troops, the Wing Troopers, are now available along with the Attachment Box: Wing Troopers. The Wing Troopers are a bit of a mixed bag. On the one hand Rackham should be applauded for trying something new with the rocket exhaust stands each figure sits on. On the other hand it does not quite work from a practical standpoint. Of the 18 figures I got four were broken off of their exhaust plume. It is fairly easy to fix with the simple pinning technique common in miniature building but is annoying and also does not change the fact that they are fairly delicate and prone to snapping off their plume in the future. Perhaps more annoying is that the figures do not fit in the standard figure case. Worse is that Rackham did not make unique figures for the Wing Troopers. The torso and legs are the same as regular Steel/Star Troopers. The only difference is the G-Pack (jump pack) and the Multilaser. In a few cases the standard figure pose does not look too bad in the ‘jump pose’ but with others it just looks odd.

Above issues aside, the Wing Troopers are similar to the other U.N.A. releases. The basic set ships six figures to a pack with one leader figure (head) and one figure armed with a Laser gun. Option heads are included along with three unit cards (Sgt, trooper, and Laser gun). The Attachment Box also has six figures but is composed of a Sgt/officer with a combat knife, Laser Gun, Rocket Launcher, a medic with a grenade (now that’s a medic!), and two figures with Sniper Guns. Option heads are also included along with eight unit cards (Laser Gun, Sniper Gun, Rocket Launcher, and five leader). The figures are painted the same as the Steel/Star Troopers. The mold lines are noticeable and the face painting ranges from good to poor. The exhaust plumes are well done with colors ranging from blackish gray to white and yellow.

Overall the Wing Troopers are basically the same as the other U.N.A. figures. The exhaust plume stands are interesting and look good but are impractical. I think Rackham missed a chance to make some unique figures here.

Aeronautica Imperialis — Chaos Harbinger

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ForgeWorld just announced a new model for Aeronautica Imperialis, the Chaos Harbinger. It is a huge heavy bomber designed to level cities and engulf them in a sea of incendiary fire. The model is very large at 17cm long and just over 11cm wide, which makes it comparable in scale to a Tau Manta.

ForgeWorld has released experimental rules for using the Harbinger in your games of AI. [Update: Tactica Aeronautica includes the official rules.]

The Harbinger is available to pre-order now for release the week of July 2nd.

Carriers at War Now Available

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Well with no pre-announcement or fanfare Matrix Games now has Carriers at War available for purchase. You can order the game by mail or download it directly for $49.99. Carriers at War is a computer wargame of WW2 fleet carrier air and naval operations in the Pacific theater from 1941 to 1945.

See the review.

Coral Sea — An After Action Report

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Matrix Games recently posted an after action report on their upcoming Carriers at War naval game. It is a few pages long and includes screen shots of the game in action.

AT-43 — Assault Medusas

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AT-43 Assault MedusaThe Therians get more reinforcements with the new Unit Box: Assault Medusas. The box contains four Medusas, three with Nucleus Rifle and Electrolash and one with a Nucleus Gun and Electrolash, plus three unit cards. The unit cards contradict the AT-43 Rulebook and the website that say the Medusas are armed with Sonic Guns. They are roughly the size of a Golem and are painted black with an orange wash, a dark gray drybrush, and orange details. They look good, fairly menacing, and have little to no flash.

The Assault Medusa is considerably slower than a standard Golem with a speed of just ten but has a bit more armor. The Nucleus Gun is a good weapon but the Electrolash is inferior in damage to the Reaper Blades but has higher accuracy and two attack dice. The army list in the AT-43 Rulebook does not specify what type of weapon the Electrolash is but one can assume it is for close combat. This was confirmed on the AT-43 Forum by Rackham.

AT-43 U.N.A. Army Book — Review

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UNA Army BookThe first AT-43 army book is for the U.N.A. The quality and layout is similar to the main rulebook but the cover seems a tad thicker. The book is 64 pages long. A small error slipped past and the company roster sheet at the end of the book is in French. You can get the English version off the website.

The book includes 16 pages of information on the U.N.A and the history of Ava but the majority of the book is dedicated to the White Stars and begins with information on a number of U.N.A factions: CENTCOM, M.Ind, and Union. Each faction has their own benefits and disadvantages. For example, M.Ind is a vehicle heavy faction but also collapses if all its vehicles are lost regardless of troop losses. A couple pages detail the various weapons, and heroes are included in more detail than in the main rulebook. Read the rest of this entry »

AT-43 The Rulebook — Review

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AT-43 RulebookWith the free rules preview having been out for a few months now you would not think the actual rulebook would hold any surprises. You would be wrong. The AT-43 rulebook is a 127 page, full-color, softbound book. The feel is more like a magazine because the paper, including the cover, is thin with high gloss. There is color on almost every page and the layout is well done. Overall the look is very professional.

In addition to pages 46-77 included in the free rules download, the full rulebook includes an introduction to the AT-43 universe, i.e. ‘fluff’, as well as an introduction to the four starter races, the White Stars, Therians, Red Blok, and Karmans. This section includes some really great full-color artwork, photos of the miniatures, as well as black and white concept sketches. Read the rest of this entry »

AT-43 — FAQ

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Rackham now has a FAQ available for AT-43. It is a single page of clarifications and corrections for the main rulebook and the UNA and Therian Army Books.

Also, a nice fellow over on the AT-43 forums has compiled a great FAQ from the official answers given on the forum by Rackham folks.

[Update: See the new errata. 18APR08]