AT-43 — Assault Medusas

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AT-43 Assault MedusaThe Therians get more reinforcements with the new Unit Box: Assault Medusas. The box contains four Medusas, three with Nucleus Rifle and Electrolash and one with a Nucleus Gun and Electrolash, plus three unit cards. The unit cards contradict the AT-43 Rulebook and the website that say the Medusas are armed with Sonic Guns. They are roughly the size of a Golem and are painted black with an orange wash, a dark gray drybrush, and orange details. They look good, fairly menacing, and have little to no flash.

The Assault Medusa is considerably slower than a standard Golem with a speed of just ten but has a bit more armor. The Nucleus Gun is a good weapon but the Electrolash is inferior in damage to the Reaper Blades but has higher accuracy and two attack dice. The army list in the AT-43 Rulebook does not specify what type of weapon the Electrolash is but one can assume it is for close combat. This was confirmed on the AT-43 Forum by Rackham.

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