AT-43 — The First Heroes

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Atis-AstarteRackham has released the first hero figures for AT-43. The Therians get Atis-Astarte and the U.N.A. gets Sergeant A. Borz. Each figure ships singly in a small box. Atis-Astarte has one unit card and Sgt Borz gets two (one mounted in the Bad Dog Firetoad and one dismounted).

Atis-Astarte is well painted in typical Therian style and looks quite good, but her tippy-toe mounting is not very durable and she will certainly require pinning sooner rather than later. Sergeant A. Borz is well detailed but the casting, or perhaps the paint job, has lost a bit of the detail. He is painted with gray pants and a light bluish-gray shirt. Most disappointing is the poor painting of his face. I was hoping the hero figures would at least have a higher painting standard but unfortunately this not the case.


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