Aeronautica Imperialis

New Aeronautica Imperialis Aircraft Available

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ForgeWorld has had a couple new units available for AI for awhile now. The Tau get the new Tau AX-2-2 with Remora Drone Stealth Fighters and the Imperials finally get the long awaited Aquilla lander. Rules for both are in Tactica Aeronautica.

Aeronautica Imperialis FAQ Part 2

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Forge World released a new FAQ for Aeronautica Imperialis. It is three pages and covers both books but mostly has items for Tactica Aeronautica.

Tactica Aeronautica — Review

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TATactica Aeronautica is the first expansion to Forge World’s Aeronautica Imperialis sci-fi, air combat, miniatures game. It is a hardback book similar to the original AI rulebook. Tactica Aeronautica is 127 pages with integrated color.

Tactica Aeronautica’s first section covers new aircraft and includes the background and game stats in the same format as the original AI book. The new aircraft included are: Marauder variants (Colossus bomber and Vigilant surveillance ship); Ork Bommers (Bomma and Blasta-Bomma); Tau Remora Drone Fighter, Tiger Shark AX-2-2 mothership, and DX-13 aerial mine; and the Chaos Harbinger bomber. There are also a couple pages of aircraft upgrades for each race and a complete squadron list that includes point values for all of the aircraft from both products including the available upgrade options. Datasheets are provided for the new aircraft as well as some variants of older aircraft (for example the Vulture gets 11 new weapon loads). Read the rest of this entry »

Aeronautica Imperialis — Update

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TAThe new AI terrain we mentioned earlier is now available for order. The new models include the Imperial Control Tower, large landing platform, small landing platform, and Imperial airbase accessories set (includes bunker, Hydra Flak emplacement, power generator, fuel drums, ammo crates and tool locker). See the Forge World AI Ground Defenses page for details and photos.

Perhaps more exciting is the new Tactica Aeronautica. It is a 128 page hard back supplement for Aeronautica Imperialis that includes new rules, aircraft, campaigns and tactics.

Aeronautica Imperialis — New Ork Releases

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Ork BomberForgeWorld just announced the release of the previously announced Ork Bomber. But they surprised us nonetheless! They did not release just one bomber but three different versions. There is a traditional bomber, an attack ship (Blasta Bomber 1), and a gunship (Blasta Bomber 2). The bombers seem to include a number of different build options including an open cockpit and gunners. And if all of that was not enough FW also released an Ork Bombs and Rokkits weapons pack. It is certainly a good day for Ork flyers.

Aeronautica Imperialis — New Releases

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Orc Bomber ForgeWorld announced a few new releases for AI. First is a new, large, Orc Bomber. The Orks also receive the new Ork Flak Gunz and Ork Flak Wagon. Secondly is the AA Sabre Platforms (autocannon version) for the Imperial Guard. Lastly, although not officially announced, there have been preview pictures of some AI terrain including an Imperial Control Tower, Phaeton Landing Pad, and Imperial Landing Pad modeled after the 40K scale Phaeton complex structures. The Sabre Platforms and Ork Gunz are available for pre-order now but not the other items. [updated: 20JUL07]

Aeronautica Imperialis — Chaos Harbinger

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ForgeWorld just announced a new model for Aeronautica Imperialis, the Chaos Harbinger. It is a huge heavy bomber designed to level cities and engulf them in a sea of incendiary fire. The model is very large at 17cm long and just over 11cm wide, which makes it comparable in scale to a Tau Manta.

ForgeWorld has released experimental rules for using the Harbinger in your games of AI. [Update: Tactica Aeronautica includes the official rules.]

The Harbinger is available to pre-order now for release the week of July 2nd.

Aeronautica Imperialis — Space Marine Transporter

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Forge World released two new units for Aeronautica Imperialis. The new Space Marine Transporter comes in two versions: One carrying two Rhinos or one with a single Land Raider.

Aeronautica Imperialis — Review

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AIAeronautica Imperialis is Forge World’s first complete game. It is a game of air-to-air combat in the world of Game Workshop’s Warhammer 40,000 for two or more players. Like their Imperial Armor books, AI is a large, 176 page, hardcover book lushly illustrated with lots of full color plates. If you have other FW publications many of the images will be familiar. The game rules themselves only take up 18 pages with an additional seven pages devoted to aircraft data and charts. The rest of the book is devoted to Warhammer 40K background data on the various aircraft (i.e. fluff). Also included are two sheets of color maneuver cards on cardstock that need to be cut apart. Our only complaint is that FW did not include a separate booklet with the rules as the vast majority of the book is not actually needed to play the game and thus having a more portable set of rules would be handy. Read the rest of this entry »