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Therian Army BookThe AT-43 Therian Army Book is now available. The quality and layout is the same as the U.N.A. Army Book. The book is 64 pages long and printed on high gloss paper in full color.

The book includes 14 pages of information on history and the factory-worlds but the majority of the book is dedicated to the Therians and begins with information on a number of Therian factions; Cyphers, Warriors, and Web Striders. Each faction has their own benefits and disadvantages. For example, the Warriors excel at close combat and can get an alpha level overseer for free but must engage in close combat if possible. A few pages detail the heroes including Atis-Astarte, Sigma Urash, and Omega Tiamet. Details on the various Therian weapons are also included.

Most of the book is of course dedicated to the available units. Included are full stats for: Assault Golems (anti-vehicle infantry), Grim Golems (close combat troops), Storm Golems (regular infantry), Assault Medusas (heavy infantry), Assault Goliaths (anti-infantry Goliath), and lastly Bane Goliaths (anti-vehicle Goliath). Vehicles are present and include the Succubus Golgoth (basically an anti-vehicle Hekat), the Hekat Golgoth, Wraith Golgoth, Poltergeist Golgoth, Incubus Golgoth, and finally the size-five, 16 point armored Baal Golgoth armed with a Heavy Flamer and Heavy Particle Acclerator.

All of the infantry units are now available or have been announced for release soon with the exception of the hero Sigma Urash. He is similar to the U.N.A’s Sergeant A.
in that he has a mounted and unmounted version. All of the vehicle miniatures are available now except the Succubus Golgoth and the Baal Golgoth. Paintings of the Succubus are included; it is basically a Hekat with a weapon on top in place of the upper blades. Surprisingly, nothing, not even sketches, of the Ball Golgoth are included.

Each unit is fully detailed with stat cards, tactics, special equipment, and leader information. Cost is provided for units and is broken into ‘standard’ and ‘maximum’ numbers that translates to a minimum and maximum unit size. Leaders can increase a unit’s numbers and various special weapon/equipment options add to the cost.

The Therian Army Book contains numerous well-staged shots of the painted miniatures, but it contains few full color paintings compared to the U.N.A book and no black and white concept sketches. This is disappointing and, except for the Baal, there is little teaser material for the future. Perhaps the most surprising bit in the book comes on page six, “The Therians originated on the third planet of the Sol System.” The Therians are us!!

The Therian Army Book is very well done, clear, and adds flavor to the universe of AT-43. It covers all of the currently available units as well as those probably coming out over the rest of 2007. If the latter is true then we have seen most of the Therian units for 2007.

Remember to get the FAQ.

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