The View from the Turret is a site dedicated to board, miniature, and computer wargaming and related historical topics. Look here for reviews, news and more by wargamers for wargamers. It is not our intention to cover everything available to the hobby, only the best.

We concentrate on 20th & 21st Century and science fiction topics with just a smattering of Napoleonics. You will find no fantasy coverage here.

Why “The View from the Turret”? We get asked this more frequently than we thought we would. If you have never seen a tank in person they are rather large. They are also rather tall especially Allied WW2 tanks. The tank commander not only stands up in the turret but also often has a commander’s cupola as well that may be even higher than the turret. The WW2 M4 Sherman tank was 9 ft tall. This means the tank commander, when standing in his hatch, was about 12 feet high! This configuration is designed to give the tank commander the best possible field of view. He is the only member of the tank crew who can see 360 degrees around the tank. Because our objective is to look out onto the field of gaming and report back to you, the reader, we thought this a good analogy. Besides, all true wargamers love tanks!

Enjoy and go game!

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