AT-43 — Advanced Rules Available for Download

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The free PDF of the AT-43 Advanced Rules is now available for download.

The file is 37 pages long. The French version is 42 pages long but the disparity only seems to be from a difference in language and not content. The file only has the core rules of the game but includes the table of contents of the full rulebook. The full rules will be over 126 pages long and the free PDF includes pages 46-77 of those. So missing from the free PDF are: The histories of the UNA, Therians, Red Blok, and Karmans; Recruiting and Training; Let’s Play; Using the Terrain; and various appendices.

I have only had a chance to look quickly through the rules so far. But from what I have seen they look very interesting and only reinforce my regard for the game. Hopefully I can get some games in soon to put them to the real test.

This download was a very nice gesture by Rackham. Players will now be able to decide for themselves if they wish to purchase the printed rulebook or even if the game is worth pursuing at all. It would be nice if more game companies did this sort of thing.

[See our AT-43 Rules review.]


5 thoughts on “AT-43 — Advanced Rules Available for Download

    Jonas said:
    23Feb07 at 1513

    The rules seems promising indeed. I have some concerns regarding Rackhams plans for how to pack the game, making it hard to keep in stock, but I hope I will be proven wrong.

    tanker responded:
    23Feb07 at 1620

    I agree. From what I have seen local availability seems to be running about a month behind Rackham’s published schedule. It seems to be at least partly due to popularity as the stores sell their stock out about as fast as they get it in.

    Jonas said:
    24Feb07 at 0349

    I did not mean it that way. The problem I see is Rackham releasing to many boxes with a similar content. We already got two different Fire Toads and with the random extra weapons that makes it four variants. When Rackham releases their “real” alternate weapon variants this will climb to unmanageable levels. The main reason retailers do not stock “alternative” miniature games is because of the large number of different products. Rackham should have made one Fire Toad set and not ten. This if anything will kill the game in the long run.

    The problems you mention are minor and probably temporary.

    […] Posted by tanker under AT-43 , Miniature Wargames , Wargames , Sci-Fi  With the free rules preview having been out for a few months now you would not think the actual rulebook would hold any […]

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    AT-43 – Advanced Rules Available for Download | The View from the Turret

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