AT-43 — How to Straighten Out Your Figures

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AT-43 miniatures are, for the most part, well cast, but the plastic used is slightly soft especially on the Therian units. The side effect is the occasional misshapen figure. Bent appendages are especially common on Therian figures. Luckily this situation is an easy one to rectify. All you need to do is put your figure, or the part you are trying to reshape, into warm water. Start with lukewarm water and get hotter to see what works best for you. After about 10-30 seconds in the water pull the figure out and you will be able to reshape it easily. Then simply run it under some cool water so it stays that way.

In the case of the Therian Bane goliath simply drop the entire figure into warm tap water. When you pull it out you should be able to reposition the entire figure’s stance as well as the position of the one free leg and also easily straighten out any bent arms, guns, or blades. This trick works great on all figures, such as the laser guns on the UNA TacArms, but the Bane goliath seems to need the most work.

In general the AT-43 figures seem very sensitive to heat and should be kept in moderate temperatures. I would not recommend leaving them in a hot car especially if you live somewhere like Arizona. But if your figures do become bent you can easily fix them.

This trick also helps with removable heads, arms, and torsos for replacing with the various option parts.

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    […] The UNA also get some new troops with two new boxes of Star Troopers, the Unit Box: Star troopers and Attachment Box: Star troopers. The Star Trooper unit box includes eight figures with six armed with assault rifles, one with Volcano MG, and finally a sergeant with combat knife and laser rifle. There seems to be some confusion over whether there is an error with the sergeant because he has a laser rifle and not an assault rifle. The unit card and picture on Rackham Website clearly show the sergeant with an assault rifle, but the picture on the box shows him with the included laser rifle. So it is hard say if this is a mistake or Rackham made a last minute change. This may bother some players but really does not affect play. Players should probably agree before each game what the sergeant has for a weapon. Eight option heads with triple-lens helmet and three unit cards round out the box. The figures themselves are very similar to Steel Trooper figures except they have the assault rifle and slightly different pack arrangements. The rifles are soft and somewhat bendy and a number of mine arrived bent out of shape (see How to Straighten Out Your Figures). […]

    […] some of the other white faced Therians. The Reaper Blades are soft and you will probably need to straighten many of them out but they still look good and should hold up to play just fine. […]

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