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Well we are more than six months into the year and Games Workshop has finally announced something we care about. Of course we will not see any of it until October of 2007. GW is releasing Apocalypse for Warhammer 40K. Much of the information around the product is still rumor, but various bits of information have leaked that show it is a $50, 200+ page book. The book contains rules for large scale games (5,000+ points) of 40K as well as background, conversions, and lots of color. Apocalypse will be a big release and will also contain large (10″) blast, barrage, and flamer templates. It looks like GW has learned something from the large-format, Imperial Armor books from ForgeWorld.

There are a number of supporting releases planned including terrain and even a plastic Imperial Guard Baneblade [more pics on Warseer]. Most of the races will receive something new and there are a number of large package deals planned to make it easy to buy large quantities of units. Following it all up is a $22 Apocalypse Wargear book in December 2007. Perhaps most exciting are the new Ork units — Although, we will not see them until January 2008.

Coming out in the next few months is the new Chaos Space Marines Codex and a number of newly sculpted, and plastic, Chaos units including new Chaos Terminators that will finally bring the Chaos units up to the standards of the newer Space Marine miniatures. Chaos will also get some Apocalypse scale units, including the Brass Scorpion, in 2008. [updated: 31JUL07]

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