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A few weeks ago we announced the initial details on Games Workshop’s upcoming Warhammer 40K Apocalypse releases. Well full details are now available on the 2007 releases. In 2007 we will see the rulebook as well as supporting items such as the templates, a handful of new units such as the plastic Imperial Guard Baneblade and eight Laser Cannon-armed Terminus Pattern Land Raider, as well as a number of ‘splash’ only releases of large quantity unit-packs such as the Space Marine Suppression Force (two Whirlwinds and a Land Speeder), Emperor’s Fist Tank Company (ten Leman Russ tanks), and Tau Armored Interdiction Force (two Hammerheads and a Sky Ray) to name a few plus a handful of limited items such as the Big Gun Dice and Imperial Guard Backpack. There are also photos available of some of the rulebook pages.

Overall Apocalypse is looking to be a big release [pun intended] by Games Workshop and so far most of the items look good. Games Workshop is now accepting advanced orders on all of the Apocalypse items including the splash releases. If you want one of the splash items act quickly because they often sell out fast.

Games Workshop has Apocalypse details on their Website including an overview of the game as well as the new releases.

Also see our Apocalypse Update II.
[Updated: 28AUG07]

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