Aeronautica Imperialis — New Releases

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Orc Bomber ForgeWorld announced a few new releases for AI. First is a new, large, Orc Bomber. The Orks also receive the new Ork Flak Gunz and Ork Flak Wagon. Secondly is the AA Sabre Platforms (autocannon version) for the Imperial Guard. Lastly, although not officially announced, there have been preview pictures of some AI terrain including an Imperial Control Tower, Phaeton Landing Pad, and Imperial Landing Pad modeled after the 40K scale Phaeton complex structures. The Sabre Platforms and Ork Gunz are available for pre-order now but not the other items. [updated: 20JUL07]

3 thoughts on “Aeronautica Imperialis — New Releases

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    aandrsan said:
    11Dec07 at 0748

    All those building miniatures have more sense now for Tactica Aeronautica comes with a set of rules for Instalations (usualy assigned to the defending player).

    Btw, we are working on an web application you may be interested in if you like Aeronautica Imperialis. Visit our blog or the website

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