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IJN — Available Soon

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IJNCompass Games has a new expansion for their great solitaire WW2 naval wargame, Silent War. IJN adds a ton of Imperial Japanese Navy ships to the game. IJN is in pre-order now but should ship before the end of the year.

Bring added realism to your submarine campaign with IJN, Imperial Japanese Navy, the first expansion pack for Compass Games’ award winning SILENT WAR. Every Japanese warship down through the large destroyer escorts and the major auxiliary cargo ships and tankers are provided in two full countersheets with 336 new playing pieces for the game and rules to integrate them seamlessly into the game. IJN, Imperial Japanese Navy also brings new rules to SILENT WAR such as loners, crash dive, and targeting escorts, rules introduced in the follow on game, STEEL WOLVES. A must have expansion pack for any dedicated SILENT WAR player. Requires SILENT WAR to play.

The Fires of Midway — Now Available

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Fires of MidwayThe Fires of Midway WW2 card game is now available. FoM is the second game in Clash of Arms’ War is Hell series. FoM covers Pacific carrier warfare including not only the Battle of Midway but also the battles of the Coral Sea, Eastern Solomons and Santa Cruz. It is a two player game but also includes official rules for solitaire play.

We have had a read through the rules but have not played a game yet. Physically the game is similar to the Hell of Stalingrad game. Unfortunately this means it has the same sort of garish, over designed graphics. But the presentation is functional and the historical photos of the various ships and aircraft are nice. Movement is done on a side map, search is conducted by drawing cards, and combat is performed through card play and dice rolls. All of the major facets of WW2 carrier combat are covered.

Overall the game looks very interesting and we look forward to getting in a game. BoardGameGeek has PDF versions of the rules and tables available for download.

Steel Wolves in 2010

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Steel WolvesCompass Games announced Steel Wolves will be printing in October of 2010. So fans should have it in time for the holidays. Pre-orders are still open. Steel Wolves is a  follow up to their well done WW2 solitaire board game on Allied submarine combat in the Pacific, Silent War. Fans of naval games, solitaire games and the war in the Atlantic should check it out.

Midway — Now Available

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Naval warfare fans have an opportunity for a new look at a classic battle. HPS Simulations released its latest addition to its Naval Campaigns computer wargame series, Midway. While it is the fourth game in the series it is the first game to include air combat.

Midway features 36 scenarios ranging from small 10 minute actions covering a specific air attack to 12+ hour scenarios covering full fleet actions with dozens of ships and hundreds of aircraft. These scenarios include the entire battle of Midway as well as specific actions, such as attacks on individual carriers and recreations of each attacking wave of aircraft. There is also a “what if” scenario based on the Coral Sea action not having been fought a month earlier. But aside from Midway, the game also includes the historical carrier battles of the Eastern Solomons, Santa Cruz and the Philippine Sea, as well as a hypothetical IJN-USN confrontation at Pearl Harbor.

Naval Thunder: Battleship Row — First Look

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We finally got around to grabbing a copy of Steel Dreadnought Games‘ new World War Two naval miniature rules Naval Thunder: Battleship Row along with the first expansion Bitter Rivals. Battleship Row is based on their naval system debuted in their World War One ruleset Naval Thunder: Clash of Dreadnoughts. While Clash of Dreadnoughts fell just shy of beating out Mongoose Publishing’s Victory at Sea: Age of Dreadnoughts as our favorite quick-play naval rules, Battleship Row is the set that sends Victory at Sea to the bottom. Read the rest of this entry »

War in the Pacific – Admiral’s Edition — Released

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War in the Pacific

Matrix Games quietly released the War in the Pacific – Admiral’s Edition computer wargame. This is a sequel to the original War in the Pacific with numerous improvements.

Matrix Games, 2by3 Games ( and Henderson Field Designs are thrilled to announce that the highly anticipated sequel to the legendary wargame War in the Pacific is now available!  Many additional man-years of development from a dedicated and experienced team including subject matter experts and experienced programmers has resulted in an improved War in the Pacific experience across the board. This is the entire War in the Pacific down to individual aircraft, vehicles, ships, guns and squads – more than just a game, it’s an encyclopedia of the war compiled from many sources to an unmatched level of detail. Add in a much improved AI and more secure PBEM play and you have the makings of a new classic!

Naval Thunder: Clash of Dreadnoughts — Review

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nt-cod-coverNaval Thunder: Clash of Dreadnoughts: A Game of Naval Warfare 1906-1918 is the premier game from the small new publisher Steel Dreadnought Games. Naval Thunder: COD is a tactical naval warfare miniatures game. It is available as a PDF only publication and it comes with two versions of the main rulebook (both in black and white); a graphics heavy version and a print ready version with no background or images. The graphics heavy version is 50 pages and includes a number of period photos as well as a page of color counters. The print ready version is 45 pages in a basic, straightforward layout with a few tables and graphics. The game also includes a two page quick reference card as well as 45 pages of ship data cards (78 ships) for the Kaiserliche and Royal Navy only. The cards are similar to those in Starmada and fit two to a page (destroyer flotillas one to a page). The cards are clear and contain the relevant information but unfortunately contain no image or even silhouette of the ship they represent. Read the rest of this entry »