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Signs and Portents
Victory at Sea

Mongoose Publishing has done a good job supporting its WW2 naval miniatures game Victory at Sea. Besides the initial expansion, Order of Battle, they regularly publish new material in their free PDF magazine Signs & Portents. Below are the VaS articles from the latest issues.

Signs and Portents Vol 55
A key to Victory at Sea, literally. Pg 16
– Provides a new turn key for VaS.

Signs and Portents
Vol 56

Abandon Ship! – Survivors in Victory at Sea. Pg 55
– Rules for getting crew off a doomed ship.

Signs and Portents Vol 57
Wolfpack! Advanced Submarine Rules for Victory at Sea. Pg 27
– Also includes some new ship stats.

Signs and Portents Vol 58
Additional German Ships for Victory at Sea
. Pg 39
– New ships cards.

Signs and Portents Vol 59
Victory at Sea Battle Report. Pg 5
– Capital ship battle between the Germans and British.

New Ships for the Royal Navy. Pg 41
– New ships cards.

Signs and Portents Vol 60
The V/W Class Destroyer. Pg 14
– Rules for Royal Australian Navy destroyers.

[Updated: 7SEP08]


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