Midway — Now Available

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Naval warfare fans have an opportunity for a new look at a classic battle. HPS Simulations released its latest addition to its Naval Campaigns computer wargame series, Midway. While it is the fourth game in the series it is the first game to include air combat.

Midway features 36 scenarios ranging from small 10 minute actions covering a specific air attack to 12+ hour scenarios covering full fleet actions with dozens of ships and hundreds of aircraft. These scenarios include the entire battle of Midway as well as specific actions, such as attacks on individual carriers and recreations of each attacking wave of aircraft. There is also a “what if” scenario based on the Coral Sea action not having been fought a month earlier. But aside from Midway, the game also includes the historical carrier battles of the Eastern Solomons, Santa Cruz and the Philippine Sea, as well as a hypothetical IJN-USN confrontation at Pearl Harbor.

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