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Victory at Sea: Order of Battle — Review

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Order of Battle is the latest expansion for Mongoose Publishing’s Victory at Sea WW2 naval miniatures game. Order of Battle is a 111-page hardcover book. It also includes ten pages of black and white ship counters that can be photocopied and cut out for use instead of miniatures. [Note: You can also order OoB as a downloadable PDF.] Unfortunately, Mongoose continues to have quality issues. I have seen three copies of the book including one ordered direct from Mongoose. Two had significant warping of the cover and crinkled pages at the binding when opened. The one direct from Mongoose is much better but still has a ‘wave’ to the cover when viewed end on. If Mongoose cannot get these issues under control they should simple use soft covers.

Order of Battle provides one page of new rules that mostly makes official what many users had been doing as house rules — Most significantly, observation aircraft are no longer used except for ASW operations. Read the rest of this entry »

Jutland — Preview

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JutlandThe Wargamer has a short preview of Storm Eagle Studios’ upcoming Jutland game based off of their Distant Guns engine. In addition to the landmark battle, the game features scenarios that take place before and after Jutland as well as hypothetical scenarios. It even includes Zeppelins! This is looking like a must get game for all naval gamers.

Carriers at War — Review

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Matrix Games released Carriers at War a few weeks ago. It is a very well done remake of the original. Overall the game will require you to spend a bit of time with the game manual to learn a number of the game mechanics but it will be time well rewarded. If you enjoy WW2 carrier warfare it is a must get game.

The Wargamer has a nice Carriers at War review so we will not bother doing one ourselves. One note, the author of the review, Bill Trotter, has a relationship with Matrix Games, but nonetheless we agree with what he says about the game.

Do not forget to get the v1.02 update.

Carriers at War Now Available

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Well with no pre-announcement or fanfare Matrix Games now has Carriers at War available for purchase. You can order the game by mail or download it directly for $49.99. Carriers at War is a computer wargame of WW2 fleet carrier air and naval operations in the Pacific theater from 1941 to 1945.

See the review.

Coral Sea — An After Action Report

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Matrix Games recently posted an after action report on their upcoming Carriers at War naval game. It is a few pages long and includes screen shots of the game in action.

Jutland Annoucement

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Well some more good news on the naval front.

Storm Eagle Studios is proud to announce JUTLAND, the 2nd installment utilizing our ground breaking Distant Guns 3D Combat Engine!

Set in the treacherous waters of the 1916 North Sea, JUTLAND delivers the most detailed World War One naval experience ever released for PC Wargaming!

In addition to covering the largest clash of Battleships in history, current plans for JUTLAND include many additional North Sea battles and the huge 1916 North Sea Naval Campaign pitting Kaiser Wilhelm’s glorious Dreadnaught Fleet against Britain’s finest.

CEO of Storm Eagle Studios, Jim Rose, said “JUTLAND is the natural next step for the Distant Guns 3D engine. The success of our award winning debut title, DISTANT GUNS, yielded a solid 3D code base for JUTLAND to expand and build upon. Sixteen (16) mile ranges, improved fire control, and the first modern naval architecture are just a few reasons that we are excited about it! Norm Koger, our Chief Technology Officer, has raised the bar again. Our development team continues to deliver an amazing consistency of detail and game experience.”

Projected Release Date: Fall 2007

See a preview of Jutland.

Victory at Sea — Another View

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John and Dan from the All About Miniatures podcast review Mongoose’s Victory at Sea ruleset on their latest show, episode 8. They also compiled some suggestions for increasing realism in the game and provide some useful quick reference sheets. Of course do not miss our own review that also includes an example of combat.

Victory at Sea — FAQ

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Mongoose Publishing released an official FAQ for VaS. It is two pages and contains a few clarifications and some errata for IJN destroyers.

Victory at Sea — Coastal Forces

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Mongoose just released rules for Coastal Forces for VaS in Signs & Portents Issue 42. It is five pages of rules and stats for all nations giving players Motor Torpedo Boats (MTBs), Motor Gun Boats (MGBs), PT Boats, and MAS craft. Also included are a few trawlers and landing craft. Issue 42 also has part III of the Kriegsmarine Z-Plan ships.

A Trio of Naval Miniature Rules

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Three new WW2 naval miniature rules, General Quarters III, Battle Stations!, and Victory at Sea, were all released within just a few months of each other. What is surprising is that it turns out the three rule sets are more complementary than competing. All three rules are designed for use with 1/6000-1/1200 scale miniatures.

All three games provide ample ship and aircraft statistics covering the major nations and equipment. VaS probably has the least and is missing, most notably to us, the U.S. Casablanca class ‘Jeep’ carrier. Thus you need to make up your own stats to fight the Battle of Leyte Gulf. Both GQIII and VaS provide additional craft data on their respective Web sites. Read the rest of this entry »