Silent War — Review

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Silent War
Silent War

The Armchair General has a short, but useful, review of Silent War. Silent War is Compass Games’ solitaire WW2 board wargame on Allied submarine warfare in the Pacific. The game features individual missions as well as a grand campaign. The game is very good overall and has very nice components. It is reminiscent of Avalon Hill’s classic B-17 Queen of the Skies. If you like WW2 naval games or are looking for a good solitaire game it is worth checking out.

The Wargamer has an even more in-depth review of Silent War.

Also keep a look out for Steel Wolves in 2009. Steel Wolves is the Silent War system taken to the U-Boat war in the Atlantic.

[Updated: 14AUG08]

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    […] warfare has not been forgotten either. Compass Games reprinted Silent War (see a review). SW is a unique solitaire game that covers the Allied submarine campaign in the Pacific during […]

    […] follow up to their well done WW2 solitaire board game on Allied submarine combat in the Pacific, Silent War. Fans of naval games, solitaire games and the war in the Atlantic should check it out. […]

    […] a Comment  Compass Games has a new expansion for their great solitaire WW2 naval wargame, Silent War. IJN adds a ton of Imperial Japanese Navy ships to the game. IJN is in pre-order now but should […]

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