AT-43 July 2008 Releases — Review

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Rackham released a number of new figures for AT-43. Most of them seem to be for the upcoming Operation Frostbite expansion. The Red Blok got two releases. First is the MedTec Unit Box set. The MedTec set includes a field hospital, one medic and two nurse figures, and three double wall sections. The hospital is a regular cargo container with some added bits and a new paint job. Overall it looks very good and the fact it is formed from a cargo container gives it a very mobile, military look. The three figures, two females and a male, are dressed in winter hospital type outfits. The skin is again the very poor pale, almost white, color that detracts a lot from them. The three double wall sections are the same as those in the Bunker set. Also included is a single unit card. Rules for the MedTecs will be in Operation Frostbite but Rackham released a PDF for them as well. Basically the MedTec building acts as an ER and allows a player to bring back into play one dead figure from any unit in contact with the MedTec upon activation (any army can use the MedTec). The medic and nurses act as regular medic figures.


The Red Blok also got a new hero in Captain Dragomira. He comes in a single figure pack with a unit card. He has a custom Kolossus suit equipped with Rocket launcher and a MGauss gun. He also sports a new winter paint job composed of a light gray camo pattern over the traditional rust red of the Red Blok. Overall the figure looks very good.

Babylon Zero
Babylon Zero

Lastly the Therians received a new hero of their own with Nina Zero and her Strider Babylon Zero. They ship together in a box with a unit card for each. Nina Zero is a Bane Goliath. Babylon Zero is a dual Medium Nucleus Cannon 2.0 armed Wraith Golgoth. The 2.0 Cannon seems to have some sort of optional second attack. Unlike the light color sprayed on the Red Wraith Golgoth, Babylon Zero is almost a solid red with the white, hard edged patterned, overspray. It looks ok but needs a wash and/or highlighting. Nina Zero is also the same solid red and does have a black wash but it is too light. Both units are somewhat disappointing compared to previous Therian paint jobs.

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