Aeronautica Imperialis — New Ork Releases

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Ork BomberForgeWorld just announced the release of the previously announced Ork Bomber. But they surprised us nonetheless! They did not release just one bomber but three different versions. There is a traditional bomber, an attack ship (Blasta Bomber 1), and a gunship (Blasta Bomber 2). The bombers seem to include a number of different build options including an open cockpit and gunners. And if all of that was not enough FW also released an Ork Bombs and Rokkits weapons pack. It is certainly a good day for Ork flyers.

One thought on “Aeronautica Imperialis — New Ork Releases

    […] aircraft included are: The new Marauder variants (Colossus bomber and Vigilant surveillance ship); Ork Bommers (Bomma and Blast-Bomma); Tau Remora Drone Fighter, Tiger Shark AX-2-2 mothership, and DX-13 aerial […]

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