Babylon 5: A Call to Arms — 2nd Edition

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Mongoose Publishing just announced a new second edition of their tactical space combat game Babylon 5 A Call to Arms. It sounds like the game will be available any day now. B5:ACTA is our favorite space combat game and anyone interested in that genre, especially BattleFleet Gothic players, should check it out. See Signs and Portents Wargamer Issue 47 for more details including a battle report with the new rules.

The new edition has been carefully honed, based on the comments of A Call to Arms players all around the world – it is faster to play, more comprehensive and finely balanced to portray the very best of space combat in the Babylon 5 universe.
Inside the covers, you will find new rules for combat, hyperspace, placing Admirals on your ships and a completely revised system for Fighters. As always, scenarios and full campaign rules have been included, making this the most comprehensive release yet for the game.
Accompanying the brand new second edition of the award-winning A Call to Arms Babylon 5 space combat miniatures game, the Babylon 5 A Call to Arms 2nd Edition Fleet Book contains the comprehensive data necessary to play any of the major and iconic racial fleets of the Babylon 5 universe. The Earth Alliance, Minbari Federation, Centauri Republic, Narn Regime and League of Non-Aligned Worlds have all their ship types and fleets described, along with their game statistics. Also included are fleet lists for the ancient Shadows and Vorlons, as well as expanded information on the fleets of specific League races, such as the Brakiri, the Vree, the Abbai, an other races like the Dilgar, Drakh and multi-racial Raiders.
Finally, there are brand new fleet lists added to the game with this book – the Gaim, pak’mar’ra and Psi Corps! There are even specific notes for older fleets (Dilgar), specialised fleets (Psi Corps) and generic Raider fleets.


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