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Warhammer 40,000 5th Edition Pre-Order

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Games Workshop now has the Warhammer 40,000 5th Edition Pre-Order available. The three versions of the new rules; base rulebook, Gamers’ Edition, and Collectors’ Edition will all ship on 12JUL08. There are also a number of special unit boxes available for a limited time for those looking to increase their forces or start a new army.

Apocalypse Reload is also up for pre-order on the U.S. site.

White Dwarf 342 July 2008 also has 50 pages of WH40K 5th edition material including a battle report and some nice hobby articles.

Bell of Lost Souls has a nice 5th Edition Tactica based on a look at the preview edition.

Games Workshop has a couple of nice articles. First is the WH40K 5th Edition design notes and the other is on the changes in 5th edition.

5th Edition is now arriving to those who pre-ordered.

[Updated: 16JUL08]

Space Marine Drop Pod Sighted?!

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Warseer has a picture of what is supposed to be the long rumored plastic Space Marine Drop Pod. It does indeed look legit. The Drop Pod looks larger than the Forge World one, in fact it looks close to the size of the Dreadnought Drop Pod. It has a weapons mount inside above the troop compartment. Rumored price is $35 but who knows. Overall very nice. Let’s hope this is the real thing.

More photos released for the Drop Pod and other new Space Marine minis.

This is all confirmed now and is scheduled for release on 4Oct08 along with a lot of other new Space Marine miniatures.

Games Workshop now has a step-by-step guide to building the new plastic Drop Pod.

[Updated 4OCT08]

Games Workshop Website Redesign

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Games Workshop has finally redesigned their Website. The old site was very hard to get around. The new site seems to be a vast improvement over the old site. For example, on the home page is a main navigation bar with a ‘hobby’ button. This expands with selections for all GW hobby items like scenery and cases. Finding these items before was tricky. The three main games, Warhammer 40,000 and the other two, get their own highlights as well as main sections on the site. Again the navigation drops down with a selection of subsections that makes getting around easier. Perhaps the biggest change is that the shopping cart is now integrated with the site. So, for example, if you go to look at Space Marines you get taken to the shopping cart for the Space Marines where you can see the available products and prices but also details on each product even including stats (click on the product picture for details). Yes they have the basic stats and wargear rules listed! This is excellent help for the new player and handy for the veteran as well. Note, the FAQs are now listed under Gaming Articles.

All in all the new site finally reflects the status GW holds within the hobby community.

Warhammer 40,000 — News

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The Bell of Lost Souls has some great info on the upcoming Warhammer 40K 5th Edition rules. There will be three versions, a limited Collector’s Edition deluxe book, a 40k Gamer’s Edition rulebook packaged with templates and counters in a metal ‘ammo box’, and of course the basic rulebook. You can pre-order the Deluxe/Gamer’s packages at Games Workshop Hobby Centers now or from GW direct in June.

Also there are strong rumors for Apocalypse Reload. It is an Apocalypse expansion with more data sheets, new assets, and a huge battle report. The big question is whether the new datasheets will include those published online or if they will all be new. Overall nothing particularly exciting but useful for Apocalypse players. We still hope to see the rumored Planetstrike product this year.

Forge World — New IA6 Releases

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Forge World released some details on their upcoming Imperial Armour Volume 6: The Siege of Vraks Part 2. In support of the new book they have released some new miniature upgrade sets: Death Guard Chaos Space Marine Legion Plague Marines set, Death Guard Terminator conversion set, and finally three equipment upgrade sets for the Death Korps of Krieg range.

The Battle for Vraks Continues
Imperial Armour Volume 6: The Siege of Vraks Part 2 will see a massive escalation in the brutal war between the loyalist Imperial forces and the renegades led by the treacherous Cardinal Xaphan. Of course, this means we will be producing an expanding range of new Chaos and Imperial releases to help you fight your own battles for Vraks or simply add some cool new models to your own collection.

Warhammer 40K — Apocalypse Update II

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With Games Workshop’s new Warhammer 40,000 supplement, Apocalypse, now arriving to gamers, GW has posted a considerable amount of supporting material on its Website. First is a number of new Datasheets for Apocalypse including one for an Assassinorum Execution Force. There is also the Apocalypse Asset Cards.

In addition to the downloads there are a number of hobby and gaming articles as well. There are conversions for the Baneblade as well as a look at allied armies and the Vindicator Assembly Guide. They have a nice article on troop deployment in Apocalypse. Phil Kelly shows off his Tyranid force. No GW game would be complete without more information on Commissar Yarrick. Chaos players get official details on the Brass Scorpion conversion. Lastly, GW has tips on turning your normal army into an Apocalypse-sized mega army.

There is also more unofficial information out. Warseer has pictures of the Baneblade sprues as well as the new Space Marine Vindicator sprues. Once available, it looks like the Vindicator sprues will offer reasonably priced upgrade armor for Space Marine Rhinos.

Apocalypse looks to be a big WH40K release in more ways then one. Check often for new updates.

[Updated: 8JAN08]

Warhammer 40K — Apocalypse Update

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A few weeks ago we announced the initial details on Games Workshop’s upcoming Warhammer 40K Apocalypse releases. Well full details are now available on the 2007 releases. In 2007 we will see the rulebook as well as supporting items such as the templates, a handful of new units such as the plastic Imperial Guard Baneblade and eight Laser Cannon-armed Terminus Pattern Land Raider, as well as a number of ‘splash’ only releases of large quantity unit-packs such as the Space Marine Suppression Force (two Whirlwinds and a Land Speeder), Emperor’s Fist Tank Company (ten Leman Russ tanks), and Tau Armored Interdiction Force (two Hammerheads and a Sky Ray) to name a few plus a handful of limited items such as the Big Gun Dice and Imperial Guard Backpack. There are also photos available of some of the rulebook pages.

Overall Apocalypse is looking to be a big release [pun intended] by Games Workshop and so far most of the items look good. Games Workshop is now accepting advanced orders on all of the Apocalypse items including the splash releases. If you want one of the splash items act quickly because they often sell out fast.

Games Workshop has Apocalypse details on their Website including an overview of the game as well as the new releases.

Also see our Apocalypse Update II.
[Updated: 28AUG07]

Warhammer 40K — Apocalypse

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Well we are more than six months into the year and Games Workshop has finally announced something we care about. Of course we will not see any of it until October of 2007. GW is releasing Apocalypse for Warhammer 40K. Much of the information around the product is still rumor, but various bits of information have leaked that show it is a $50, 200+ page book. The book contains rules for large scale games (5,000+ points) of 40K as well as background, conversions, and lots of color. Apocalypse will be a big release and will also contain large (10″) blast, barrage, and flamer templates. It looks like GW has learned something from the large-format, Imperial Armor books from ForgeWorld.

There are a number of supporting releases planned including terrain and even a plastic Imperial Guard Baneblade [more pics on Warseer]. Most of the races will receive something new and there are a number of large package deals planned to make it easy to buy large quantities of units. Following it all up is a $22 Apocalypse Wargear book in December 2007. Perhaps most exciting are the new Ork units — Although, we will not see them until January 2008.

Coming out in the next few months is the new Chaos Space Marines Codex and a number of newly sculpted, and plastic, Chaos units including new Chaos Terminators that will finally bring the Chaos units up to the standards of the newer Space Marine miniatures. Chaos will also get some Apocalypse scale units, including the Brass Scorpion, in 2008. [updated: 31JUL07]

Also see our Apocalypse update.

DakkaDakka Up for Auction

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And you are charged to pass the lamp of knowledge onto those who follow after…

Ten years. It’s been ten years since I first launched http://www.DakkaDakka.com as a site initially dedicated to simply tracking the league activities of a small group of 40k players in New England. Over that time, it has grown into something much bigger. It is now a worldwide, online community of miniature gamers that share their ideas and opinions, and a place where small businesses involved in the hobby can share their new business ventures with the gaming community.

I’m very proud to have been involved with Dakka and am thrilled with the opportunities it has provided. Through the Dakka fan community I’ve been able to see elements of the miniature gaming hobby and industry from a wide variety of angles that I’d otherwise never have experienced. Dakka Dakka has always been a labor of love, and it is nice to see that effort appreciated by fans and miniature gaming industry leaders alike. Read the rest of this entry »