Games Workshop Website Redesign

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Games Workshop has finally redesigned their Website. The old site was very hard to get around. The new site seems to be a vast improvement over the old site. For example, on the home page is a main navigation bar with a ‘hobby’ button. This expands with selections for all GW hobby items like scenery and cases. Finding these items before was tricky. The three main games, Warhammer 40,000 and the other two, get their own highlights as well as main sections on the site. Again the navigation drops down with a selection of subsections that makes getting around easier. Perhaps the biggest change is that the shopping cart is now integrated with the site. So, for example, if you go to look at Space Marines you get taken to the shopping cart for the Space Marines where you can see the available products and prices but also details on each product even including stats (click on the product picture for details). Yes they have the basic stats and wargear rules listed! This is excellent help for the new player and handy for the veteran as well. Note, the FAQs are now listed under Gaming Articles.

All in all the new site finally reflects the status GW holds within the hobby community.

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