Advanced Squad Leader Starter Kit #3 — First Look

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ASLSK#3ASL Starter Kit #3 from Multi-Man Publishing is now available. As the name suggests, it is the third — and I believe final — game in the introductory line of Advanced Squad Leader games. ASL is generally considered the premiere wargame of WW2 tactical combat. ASL also has one of the largest and most complex set of rules of any wargame. The Starter Kits were designed to ease players up to the full ASL rules. They have generally succeeded better than anyone anticipated.

ASLSK#3 continues that trend and expands on the rules from ASLSK#2 to include rules for armor vehicle combat (tanks!). Like the other games, it is a stand alone game and ownership of the previous titles is not needed. Unlike the previous two games, ASLSK#3 includes a fairly heavy dose of new rules and more complicated tables. It is not an impossible place to start for newcomers but certainly anyone new to the hobby should start with one of the earlier titles. Wargaming veterans who are simply new to ASL could certainly start with ASLSK#3. Like ASLSK#2, ASLSK#3 has all of the new rules since the previous game highlighted in peach. This makes it easy to read the rules as if they were ASLSK#2 but the charts are a bit busier.

Like the previous game, ASLSK#3 includes three new ASL maps (n,t,v); all of the counters needed to play including infantry, markers, support weapons; and of course, vehicles for American, German, Britain, and Russian forces. Also included are the rules, the various charts and tables needed for play, six new scenarios, and dice. Unique to ASLSK#3 is the inclusion of a separate book of Vehicle and Ordnance Historical Notes that covers all of the vehicles in the game.

The rulebook is a 28 page, full-color, saddle stitched booklet. It continues the ASLSK tradition of excellent examples of play and full color illustrations. As mentioned, all of the new rules since ASLSK#2 are highlighted in peach to make the transition from that set easier.

My only complaint with the game is that only two of the scenarios include American and German forces and only one of those includes tanks (and only on the German side). But this is of course a personal preference. ASLSK#3 is a great game and finally brings tanks to the ASL newcomer. If you think you might like ASL there is no better place to start than the Starter Kits. If you are an ASL veteran you will enjoy the new maps and scenarios and of course the ability to introduce new opponents to the expansive world of ASL. Recommended.

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