AT-43 U.N.A. Army Book — Review

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UNA Army BookThe first AT-43 army book is for the U.N.A. The quality and layout is similar to the main rulebook but the cover seems a tad thicker. The book is 64 pages long. A small error slipped past and the company roster sheet at the end of the book is in French. You can get the English version off the website.

The book includes 16 pages of information on the U.N.A and the history of Ava but the majority of the book is dedicated to the White Stars and begins with information on a number of U.N.A factions: CENTCOM, M.Ind, and Union. Each faction has their own benefits and disadvantages. For example, M.Ind is a vehicle heavy faction but also collapses if all its vehicles are lost regardless of troop losses. A couple pages detail the various weapons, and heroes are included in more detail than in the main rulebook. Read the rest of this entry »

AT-43 The Rulebook — Review

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AT-43 RulebookWith the free rules preview having been out for a few months now you would not think the actual rulebook would hold any surprises. You would be wrong. The AT-43 rulebook is a 127 page, full-color, softbound book. The feel is more like a magazine because the paper, including the cover, is thin with high gloss. There is color on almost every page and the layout is well done. Overall the look is very professional.

In addition to pages 46-77 included in the free rules download, the full rulebook includes an introduction to the AT-43 universe, i.e. ‘fluff’, as well as an introduction to the four starter races, the White Stars, Therians, Red Blok, and Karmans. This section includes some really great full-color artwork, photos of the miniatures, as well as black and white concept sketches. Read the rest of this entry »

AT-43 — FAQ

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Rackham now has a FAQ available for AT-43. It is a single page of clarifications and corrections for the main rulebook and the UNA and Therian Army Books.

Also, a nice fellow over on the AT-43 forums has compiled a great FAQ from the official answers given on the forum by Rackham folks.

[Update: See the new errata. 18APR08]

AT-43 — The Third Wave

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The third round of AT-43 releases is available. This includes a number of new models for both the Therians and the UNA.

The Therians finally get some new striders. First is a new Golgoth, the Wraith Golgoth 03, which is also known as the ‘red Wraith’. The model is identical to the 02 model and the one from the OD set. What makes it different is that it has deep red spray on the top, slightly different markings, and also comes with a second medium sonic cannon for the right side. I am not sure if the weapon selection is random or not (there is a card for an ‘Incubus Golgoth’ with dual medium nucleus cannons). The other slight difference from the previous Golgoths is that this one has the front legs mounted closer in. Personally I do not think this looks as good but you could easily snip them off the base and reposition them because the legs move freely within their main body mount. Also slightly different with this entire set of Therian releases is that the ‘faces’ are now painted white instead of the cream color of previous releases. I think this looks less creepy. Lastly the model also comes with a dark gray storage container and four unit cards. Read the rest of this entry »

AT-43 – The Second Wave

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The second round of AT-43 releases are generally available now. This round includes the Accessory: Expansion Set 1, the Therian Bane goliaths, the U.N.A. Steel TacArms, Fire Toad MK.02, and Fire Toad MK.03.

The Therian Bane goliaths are the first of the new Therian infantry units. The Bane goliath ships three to a box and includes two unit cards although neither has a leadership value. One figure has a removable back plug that can be swapped with the leader back plug. All the figures are armed with dual nucleus guns. It is a well done figure overall and very large. They are on the same sized base as a Games Workshop Terminator but quite a bit larger. Overall it is an imposing figure especially when next to a Steel Trooper. The paint job is more like the original OD paint scheme than the newer golems. It is black with an orange wash and very dark gray highlights. The face is painted in a cream color and the various blades are touched with silver. Overall the paint job looks quite good. My only complaint with the Bane goliath is that it is rather bendy compared to the other figures. This is good for durability but a number of the figures we got were misshapen in various ways. See our article on how to straighten out your figures. The paint quality does vary from box to box and figure to figure so if you buy them in a store be sure to look through all the boxes and choose which ones you like best. Read the rest of this entry »

AT-43 — How to Straighten Out Your Figures

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AT-43 miniatures are, for the most part, well cast, but the plastic used is slightly soft especially on the Therian units. The side effect is the occasional misshapen figure. Bent appendages are especially common on Therian figures. Luckily this situation is an easy one to rectify. All you need to do is put your figure, or the part you are trying to reshape, into warm water. Start with lukewarm water and get hotter to see what works best for you. After about 10-30 seconds in the water pull the figure out and you will be able to reshape it easily. Then simply run it under some cool water so it stays that way.

In the case of the Therian Bane goliath simply drop the entire figure into warm tap water. When you pull it out you should be able to reposition the entire figure’s stance as well as the position of the one free leg and also easily straighten out any bent arms, guns, or blades. This trick works great on all figures, such as the laser guns on the UNA TacArms, but the Bane goliath seems to need the most work.

In general the AT-43 figures seem very sensitive to heat and should be kept in moderate temperatures. I would not recommend leaving them in a hot car especially if you live somewhere like Arizona. But if your figures do become bent you can easily fix them.

This trick also helps with removable heads, arms, and torsos for replacing with the various option parts.

Aeronautica Imperialis — Space Marine Transporter

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Forge World released two new units for Aeronautica Imperialis. The new Space Marine Transporter comes in two versions: One carrying two Rhinos or one with a single Land Raider.

Aeronautica Imperialis — Review

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AIAeronautica Imperialis is Forge World’s first complete game. It is a game of air-to-air combat in the world of Game Workshop’s Warhammer 40,000 for two or more players. Like their Imperial Armor books, AI is a large, 176 page, hardcover book lushly illustrated with lots of full color plates. If you have other FW publications many of the images will be familiar. The game rules themselves only take up 18 pages with an additional seven pages devoted to aircraft data and charts. The rest of the book is devoted to Warhammer 40K background data on the various aircraft (i.e. fluff). Also included are two sheets of color maneuver cards on cardstock that need to be cut apart. Our only complaint is that FW did not include a separate booklet with the rules as the vast majority of the book is not actually needed to play the game and thus having a more portable set of rules would be handy. Read the rest of this entry »

AT-43 — Advanced Rules Available for Download

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The free PDF of the AT-43 Advanced Rules is now available for download.

The file is 37 pages long. The French version is 42 pages long but the disparity only seems to be from a difference in language and not content. The file only has the core rules of the game but includes the table of contents of the full rulebook. The full rules will be over 126 pages long and the free PDF includes pages 46-77 of those. So missing from the free PDF are: The histories of the UNA, Therians, Red Blok, and Karmans; Recruiting and Training; Let’s Play; Using the Terrain; and various appendices.

I have only had a chance to look quickly through the rules so far. But from what I have seen they look very interesting and only reinforce my regard for the game. Hopefully I can get some games in soon to put them to the real test.

This download was a very nice gesture by Rackham. Players will now be able to decide for themselves if they wish to purchase the printed rulebook or even if the game is worth pursuing at all. It would be nice if more game companies did this sort of thing.

[See our AT-43 Rules review.]

AT-43 – The First Expansions

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The first three expansions for AT-43, the Steel Troopers Unit Box, the Storm Golems Unit Box, and the Accessory Expansion Set 2, are now available. The latest Cry Havoc!, issue 12, is also out.

The Steel Troopers come six to a box along with the appropriate unit cards. With the ST set you get four troopers, a sergeant, a missile launcher, and six option heads with triple-lens helmet. The painting quality is higher than that of the Operation Damocles set and does indeed match the comparison pictures provided on the AT-43 site except that most of the figures suffer from an overly heavy, white dry brushing (and a white over spray) that obscures a lot of the underling color. This is not horrible and could be easily touched up. The paint quality does vary from box to box and figure to figure so if you buy them in a store be sure to look through all the boxes and choose which ones you like best. Read the rest of this entry »