New Firestorm Armada Ships Soon

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Dindrenzi EscortSpartan Games announced they will be releasing some new Firestorm Armada ships soon. First up are escorts for the four main fleets as well as some civilian ships.

Our first upgrade releases for Firestorm Armada will be announced shortly. The first Wave will see Escorts arrive for each of the first four races, along with three generic Civilian Vessels: Gas Mining Vessel, Cargo Freighter and Liner. The Escorts will be sold in a blister with 6 Models and 6 Flight Stands. Following these models will be Heavy Cruisers and then the Directorate will enter the war! More images and launch information to follow.

Final stats are available for all the new ships.

These ships are all now generally available. They are all metal castings and the escorts are quite small; most are only about 1.5 inches long. We were rather underwhelmed with the civilian ships.

[Updated: 29MAR10]

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