Dropzone Commander — PHR vs Scourge 1,250pts

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Dropzone CommanderWe recently got in some games of Dropzone Commander. We played PHR vs Scourge at 1,250pts. We went for force lists that had a mix of forces instead of ones optimized for maximum performance.

For the PHR we had one unpainted model. It was actually a proxy for an Hyperion. We also had to proxy in an A-Wing for an Athena. We chose two mixed Ares and Phobos squads that we think worked out quite well. Walkers and skimmers are based on Litko clear acrylic bases. PHR Force

For the Scourge we had everything painted and no proxies. The extra infantry came in handy. Skimmers and walkers are based on custom Litko acrylic bases. For the skimmers we use 3mm thick bases to give them a hovering look and also add a touch of mass. Scourge 1,250pts

For both forces we used an ID system of a colored square on the left of the stand/unit for the battlegroup (HQ had none) and a colored dot on the right for squad association. This worked out very well and makes it easy to keep what transport goes with what straight during the heat of battle.

For the table we used Frontline Gaming’s Urban Zone F.A.T. Mat with a mix of Hawk card buildings, 4Ground 10mm and Kato N-Scale buildings. As you can see they all mix together just fine. All the buildings have their own advantages and disadvantages. The “traffic” are N-scale model railroad cars and buses. The various smoke and flame markers are from Litko.

Here is the table setup at start from the PHR perspective:PHR Start

Here is the table setup at start from the Scourge perspective: Scourge Start

The battles were fierce with some dramatic moments in all games. Here is a shot of a pack of Prowlers hunting down some Enyos. The PHR Passive save came in handy. Turn 4 - PHR

On turn 5 of one game the Scourge Desolator went down hard before getting in much of a punch. It left a nice crater! You can also see the general heavy carnage all around. Turn 5 - Scourge

To our surprise the fast movers more than made back their points. Sure there were a few cases where they didn’t show but they often came in and had an effect at critical points of the battle. In one case the PHR were about to move an objective off the table and the Scourge Corsair came in and shot it down at the last moment! In one game the Athena shot down the Corsair early in the game and then enjoyed strafing the Scourge almost with impunity thereafter.

If you have any interest in sci-fi tactical gaming you should give Dropzone Commander a shot. It plays great and all games are fun and often come down to the wire. Just remember to keep your eye on the mission objective!


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