New 15mm European Village Set Coming Soon

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Wargames Illustrated #268As indicated a year ago, Battlefront has a new 15mm European Village set in the works for its Gale Force 9 Battlefield in a Box series. The recent issue of Wargames Illustrated (issue 268 – February 2010) gives a nice description on page 54,

These buildings come in a multitude of different styles and textures, including a corner store building…Included in these samples were various village wall sections…The buildings and walls come out of the box pre-painted and each level of the building is removable.

The article has a number of pictures of the buildings and walls and they do indeed look great. This will be an excellent set and a must get for 15mm European front gamers.

3 thoughts on “New 15mm European Village Set Coming Soon

    […] wasn’t enough Battlefront is releasing some great new terrain as well — although the long mentioned European buildings are still MIA with not a peep about their fate. There are new obstacles, wire, trenches, fields and […]

      Antony Aj Chandler said:
      06May14 at 1013

      im still waiting too and its now 2014!!!!any joy anyone???in case ive missed something here?? :)

        tanker responded:
        05Jun14 at 0809

        Amazing to think when this stuff was announced. Most is available now and I just got the corner building a few weeks ago. Only four years later….

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