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FOW-LogoSome interesting news from Battlefront on Flames of War.

Early War, what’s the plan?

As JP has previously mentioned work is underway, and we are aiming to release the three primary sourcebooks over the next 4 years. The first book will focus on the German invasion of Poland and France. The second book will cover the Africa campaign. The third book will cover the war in the east.

Mid War, What else can we look forward to?

We have quite a large list of Mid War things we’d still like to visit including some more Intelligence briefings and hopefully a Firestorm encompassing the desert conflict.

What is still to come in Late War?

Lots ;). Market Garden will be hitting the shelves in the form of Hells Highway at the beginning of October with quite possibly the best British armour lists of the War. This will be followed by A Bridge too Far and Firestorm Market Garden after Christmas. After that we have heaps of ideas and potential battles to consider on the way to the assault of Berlin. Quite a few years of Late War lists still to go.

Is there a Normandy Compilation planned?

This has been discussed and at some point we definitely would like to update the Normandy lists to match the new format. No fixed plans on getting this done at this time.

Is there a 3rd Edition planned?

One of the best things about having such a passionate Flames community around the world is that different gaming groups are constantly coming up with great ideas and fun house rules. Eventually the shear mass of ideas presented will force us to sit down and review them to pull the gem ideas out and do something with them. Currently we have no plans for Version 3 but that idea folder gets fuller every month so at some point we will have to look at it.

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