MBA 15mm Hedgerow Set — Review

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MBA 15mm Hedgerow Set
MBA 15mm Hedgerow Set

The Miniature Building Authority recently released a new 15mm pre-painted Hedgerow set. The set comes with eight six-inch long hedgerow sections (so you get four feet of hedge in all). One hedgerow section has a breach, another a gate, and the rest are solid. The breach is not quite large enough to fit larger tanks, such as the German Panther, but a Sherman fits just fine. The gate is a small, closed wooden gate.

The hedgerow sections are typical MBA high quality and are made of a heavy, finely cast resin. They have plenty of heft to stay put during play. The paint job is well done but the hedgerows are a lighter shade of green than they appear in the MBA photo. The base of the hedges is painted in a medium brown. There are also nicely modeled details on the base one could pick out with additional painting but they look great right out of the box.

The hedgerows are probably around a scale 15ft high or so. A Sherman tank is completely hidden when placed beside one. They look very nice on the table and fit in well with the MBA and Landmark buildings.

The set ships in a styrofoam tray inside a thin cardboard box. The packaging does a good job of protecting the terrain and will remain useful for storage and transport if you need it.

If you are looking for hedgerows that are not made of scrubbers or foam and will also stand up to repeated use during a game as well as transport the MBA 15mm Hedgerow set is a great choice.


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