Incursion Beta Rules Available

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incursion-logoGrindhouse Games released beta (test) rules for its upcoming weird WW2, sci-fi board/miniature game Incursion. Also available are test rules for the initial Allied and German units.

The rulebook is a 30 page pdf. The rules themselves comprise ten pages with another three pages of missions, eleven pages of cards, and six full-color map-tile pages. The cards and map tiles are rather uninspired but this of course is just a test pack and certainly not indicative of final art.

The rules are rather straightforward and reminiscent of Space Hulk. Incursion uses action points and command points. The big innovation over similar games is the use of the Battle Cards. Essentially the Battle Cards add extra chrome to the game without the need for a lot of extra rules. The cards cover things such as extra ammo, armor piercing ammo, jammed radio, snafu, and a whole lot more.

Overall it is a solid initial effort and hopefully the gaming community will provide lots of feedback to further develop and improve the game.

Also see our APE Suit miniatures review and the Grindhouse announcement.

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