Plastic Valkyrie — Confirmed!!

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Well it is a rumor no longer! We now have photos of the actual Valkyrie sprues and a whole lot more. It even looks like there is a new flying base design. The Ammo Bunker has a great selection of photos taken at the recent annual GW Design Studio Open Day 2009. Also shown are the new plastic Catachan troops as well as the new plastic Cadian Command Squad. See more photos.

Bell of Lost Souls has a nice post with photos as well. They now have a shot of the Valkyrie interior as well.

Games Workshop now has a step-by-step Valkyrie building guide.

The gents at Battlefoam already have custom foam trays to hold the Valkyrie.

[Updated: 6MAY09]

2 thoughts on “Plastic Valkyrie — Confirmed!!

    […] This is all now confirmed. […]

    […] Forge World Openday saw the preview of upcoming Valkyrie and Vulture variant kits for the new GW plastic Valkyrie. Warseer has a number of photos of them and other new upcoming Ork (lots of Battle Wagon variants) […]

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