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Tabletop Gaming News has some new information about Grindhouse Games’ upcoming Incursion boardgame,

Incursion is a much different beast than Space Hulk. It’s played on squares and has action points but diverges rapidly from there as you’ll see shortly. The two games are however similar enough in “feel” that we expect to be at a, shall we say, competitive disadvantage? :-)

This will certainly affect our plans and I must say that without the marketing and distribution machine of the big guys and the breathing space for the game to take root, there is little sense in ploughing another 40 grand of money I don’t have into this thing just to get a boxed game out especially given the economic woes my architecture firm is suffering.

Tough times people, tough times.

The good news is that we do have a backup plan. You guys will likely get a free game out of this deal and loads more cool art, graphics, fluff, and especially miniatures. This all just means we have to move a little more cautiously and grow the game itself organically. We still have to work out the details of how we’re going to manage this but it will likely begin as free downloadable loveliness. The field is no longer wide open and we are, after all, just a few dedicated folks with a lot of passion, skill, and a need to do good art and design…and not enough money, by a lot, to take on GW. Read the rest…

This is a real shame especially considering that, while Space Hulk will certainly be great, GW is not known for innovative games so it seems to us there would be plenty of room for both games in the market.

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