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Rackham released various updates on AT-43 activities. First up is a full description of the upcoming Operation Frostbite campaign book,

• New rules for terrain new elements (crystals, outdoor gaming tiles, and so on.) and neutral fighters, such as the civil engineers and the MedTec medics;
• Support unit rules to use the specialists from the Attachment Boxes;
• Troop transport rules;
• New combat drills;
• New troops and exclusive heroes for the U.N.A., the Therians, the Red Blok and the Karmans;
• A new campaign game mode for 2 to 4 players;
• Optional rules to give experience to companies;
• 37 exclusive missions to play as part of the campaign or in one-off games;
• The official AT-43 errata.

We got a preview of a production sample of the upcoming Karman hero box Saint Anuman and Jinod-Un model. It is sort of a cross between Planet of the Apes and American Graffiti!

More information about the Cogs should be coming soon.

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    […] It is based on the Nakovalny chassis with a new ‘hood’. It is also painted in the new Operation Frostbite scheme but unlike the U.N.A. troops this means a smooth white pattern over a light olive or khaki […]

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