AT-43 — May 2008 Releases

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Rackham announced some new releases scheduled for May.

  • Hero Box: Saint Anuman and Jindo-Un
    This Hero box contains 1 hero from the Karman Army, and his Jungle Buggy. All miniatures come pre-painted andpreassembled. Also contains 2 reference cards.
  • Hero Box: Nina Zero and Babylon Zero
    This Hero box contains 2 heroes from the Therian Army. All miniatures come pre-painted and pre-assembled. Also contains 2 reference cards.
  • Hero Box: Lieutenant Dragomira O-3
    This Hero box contains 1 hero from the Red Blok Army. All miniatures come prepainted and pre-assembled. Also contains 1 reference card.
  • AT-43 Campaign: Frostbite
    This book introduces new campaign scenarios, with new rules and additional rules covering attachment boxes and bunkers. This also contains gaming tiles, crystal base, large crystal base, miniatures engineers, and gaming cards.

Update: They have also given us a peek at the RedBlok MedTec scheduled for a July 2008 release.

3 thoughts on “AT-43 — May 2008 Releases

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