Line of Fire #2 — Review

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Line of Fire #2Lock ‘N Load Games just released the latest edition of their house PDF-magazine, Line of Fire #2. They did not quite make the quarterly deadline but close enough. LNL is selling Line of Fire #2 for a couple dollars cheaper ($14.99) than Line of Fire #1 but the issue is a bit shorter than the first.

Line of Fire issue 2 is a 55 page PDF. It is in full, high-quality color. The PDF is smaller than Issue 1 but still sizeable at 47MB. The various maps and counters included still print well so I am not sure what accounts for the reduction in file size. The issue has 13 pages of previews on upcoming LNL games; three pages on Lock ‘n Load tactics; a two-page interview; a two-page battle report for An Island War Deluxe; a nice three-page look at Bundeswehr forces in World at War followed by a three-page battle report of the Wittman’s Ghost scenario from Death of the First Panzer; two more pages for an article on converting WaW for miniatures; another two-page interview with Jim Snyder, designer of the upcoming Blood and Bridges WaW module; a two-page look at Somali forces in the upcoming A Day of Heroes Lock ‘N Load game followed by a three-page scenario walk through from that game; and lastly five scenarios, for current games, with maps and counters.

The interview with Corey Konieczkain, the designer of Fantasy Flight Games’ Tide of Iron game, is a bit of a twist as there is no relationship between FFG or ToI and LnL that we know about. It would be nice to see more of this type of thing in future issues. The most interesting piece of information from the interview is that there does not seem to be another expansion for ToI in the works. Although, Corey does not rule out doing one but it certainly will not appear in 2008.

There are a few things to note on the scenarios. The Brecourt Manor scenario has been available for awhile now but perhaps there is a tweak to it I did not notice. Counters for a M60A3 company are provided for the The Death of the 1st Panzer Division scenario. This is a nice addition for homemade scenarios. Lastly, the The Road to Armageddon scenario for WaW includes both a map and counters for a Syrian vs Israel battle.

As with the premier issue, the layout and article content is excellent and the scenarios and included maps and counters are also well done. There still seems to be too much material on upcoming titles. If you are paying this much for a publication you do not want to be paying for what is essentially advertising. As before, if you only play certain games then the useful content can be slim. I still found the articles on the games I do not play interesting although I continue to think $9.95 would be a more reasonable price.

Overall it is a good issue and has a bit more focus than the premier issue. If you enjoy Lock ‘n Load’s games, specifically Lock ‘n Load and World at War for this issue, you should give it a look.

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