AT-43 — New Combat Drills

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Rackham released some new beta rules to try out in your next game.

“The game designers at the Rackham studio are offering you the exclusive opportunity to test the new combat drills for AT-43. These drills will be presented in the final version of Operation Frostbite, a future supplement for the range! Rendezvous on the official AT-43 forum to discuss these new rules and to share your battle reports.”

Combat Drill: “Eject!”
Heroes can spend 1 LP to activate the ejector seat of their armored fighting vehicle whenever it is destroyed. The hero is then placed wherever the player controlling him wants on the battlefield. The player places the dispersion template over the hero, rolls one die and moves the miniature 10 cm in the direction corresponding to the die. The hero is eliminated if this movement takes him outside of the boundaries of the battlefield or if he lands on an impassable obstacle.

Combat drill: “Fire at will!”
Once per round each hero can spend 1 LP to give, ,the “Fire at will!” combat drill to an infantry unit he leads and which will not move this round. The rate of attack of the unit´s ranged weapons is doubled until the end of the unit´s activation.

Addition to the cover rules: “Advancing behind an armored fighting vehicle”
Infantry can use the cover provided by armored fighting vehicles when the latter spearhead the offensive. In order to get a cover roll when behind an armored fighting vehicle, the unit must be given the “Take cover!” combat drill and be in contact with an armored fighting vehicle.

Also see the Bunker Beta Rules.

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