AT-43 — Bunker Beta Rules

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Rackham released a picture showing the Karman K-shooter (infantry), an Easy Trike (class 1 vehicle) and the future King Mammoth (class 3). They also released some new test rules in Cry Havoc Online #7:

“The game designers at the Rackham studio are offering you the exclusivity to test new units for AT-43. Fortified support units, more commonly known as bunker units, are troops attached to bunkers. In position inside the fortifications, their support is precious to their company. Bunker units are partly or entirely composed from the content of an Attachment Box. The final bunker unit rules will be published in Operation Frostbite, a next supplement of the collection.

This week you get to discover the chapter´s introduction, next week the studio will unveil the U.N.A. bunker units! Rendezvous on the official AT–43 forum to discuss these new rules and hand in your battle reports.


  • Bunker units are deployed inside the bunker they have been attached to during company building. They are not allowed to leave it.
  • Each specialist or officer in a bunker unit gains a new special ability detailed below. It replaces his usual one.
  • Line of sight is determined from the bunker´s embrasure, no matter how the unit is placed inside.
  • Distances are measured from the most favorable side of the bunker.
  • A bunker unit can only fire one type of special weapon for each salvo, no matter the number of special weapons it contains. The special weapons of the chosen type fire in the same salvo. However, the Flamers keep their special rule and shoot one after the other. Special weapons of another type cannot be fired.


Flamer: This weapon has the “Projection” ability:

  • When a unit contains several of these weapons, each of them can pick a different target;
  • Cover is ignored;
  • No shooting test is necessary, so there are no successes. (Therefore, shots cannot be combined to increase the area of effect.);
  • The Accuracy of the weapon shows the weapon´s maximum range, as measured from the special weapon bearer. The template is centered on a fighter. All miniatures located even partially under the area of effect suffer a damage test.

Medium missile launcher: This weapon has the “Locked shot” ability:

  • It can only target armored fighting vehicles or terrain elements with Structure points;
  • It cannot use Overwatch fire;
  • Cover and fighters caught in the zone of fire are ignored;
  • Shooting tests are resolved differently: The minimum result needed to hit is always the same, no matter the range. This result is shown instead of the Accuracy of the weapon.

Sniper gun: A fighter equipped with this weapon gets the “Sniper” ability:

  • This ability can only be used if the fighter doesn´t move at all during his activation;
  • Cover and fighters caught in the zone of fire are ignored;
  • This ability cannot be used in “Overwatch!”;
  • The player chooses the target of each impact among the visible fighters of the targeted unit. If the target is an armored fighting vehicle, the player chooses the location of each impact.


Combat/Field engineer: A Combat/Field engineer in a bunker has the “Land mines!” ability. When his unit is activated, the player displays a minefield card on the battlefield out of contact with any miniature or minefield card previously deployed. Any unit, friend or foe, whose one member travels even partially over one or several of these minefield cards during his movement, triggers the minefield. For each minefield card, which its members have traveled, the unit suffers as many impacts as there are members in the unit (Penetration/Damage 3+/1). The player controlling the unit chooses the casualties removed. The cards that have caused impacts are removed from the battlefield.

Mechanic: A mechanic in a bunker has the “Fixed!” ability. At the beginning or the end off his unit´s activation, he may repair a friendly armored fighting vehicle that is visible from the bunker. The armored fighting vehicle recovers 1 SP in a location chosen by the player. Destroyed parts may be repaired.
The player shouts “Fixed!” to call this ability.

Medic: A Medic in a bunker has the “Doctor!” ability. Once per round, he can save a member of any unit visible from the bunker when the fighter in eliminated. The player shouts “Doctor!” to call this ability.

Officer: An officer in a bunker adds as many LP as he has chevrons to the company´s LP pool. He doesn´t get this ability if he is the Company Commander. ”

Also see the new Combat Drills.

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    […] see the Bunker Beta Rules. […]

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