AT-43 — The Big Guns

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Rackham has released some new units for AT-43. This round includes a number of heavy units. The Therians get the hero (special character) Tiamet. She is an impressive model and ships singly along with one resource generator and a single unit card. Tiamet is on a 65mm base and is very well sculpted and painted. Unlike Atis-Astarte, Tiamet is a very durable miniature and should hold up to regular play just fine. The size of the figure befits her armament of four Light Grim Scythe’s with 13 strength attacks each.

The U.N.A receive a couple new units. First is another batch of TacArms. This time it is the dual Volcano MG-equipped Death Dealer TacArms. The Death Dealers ship three to a box but unlike the other TacArms there are no option bodies; you get one leader per pack. You also get five cards, two unit cards (leader and troop) and three ‘Ace’ cards. I have no idea of what use are the Ace cards. The Death Dealers are perhaps the best U.N.A. figures yet. They come in a very well done urban camo of light and dark gray with various insignia. Unfortunately the official rules for them are very limiting but they look so good I suspect a lot of players will ignore the official rules and use them as they would other TacArms.

Defender SnakeThe Defender Snake is the first size four U.N.A. strider unit. It is another impressive model. It is the body of a Fire Toad but placed on much larger legs with a very large backpack and the dual missile turret. The model is quite large and is on the same sized base as the Therian Wraith Golgoth and is easily an inch taller than the regular Fire Toad. The model is well painted and the turret rotates and the launch tubes elevate and depress. The Defender Snake ships with a shipping container and two unit cards (sergeant and troop).

Unrelated to the above but also recently released is the set of AT-43 Reversible Gaming Tiles. This is a pack of 15, 30cmx30cm, thick cardstock tiles similar in design to the game maps shipped with the OD Set. One side of each tile is clear terrain and the other some sort of room or walls. They seem like a good idea and are an easy way to set up a good play surface. Only more games will tell if they shift around too much during play.

If you like AT-43 check out these releases. They are some of Rackham’s best work yet.

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