New Flames of War Fortifications

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FoW 5cm KwK NestThe new Wargames Illustrated Issue 280 (and now the BF website) has an announcement of a new German bunker for Flames of War, the 5cm KwK Nest. This is in addition to the previously announced pre-painted AT and unpainted MG bunkers. The 5cm KwK Nest will be direct order only and is unpainted.

In addition, Battlefront will be releasing their defensive terrain pieces in individual packs (barbed wire pack, dragon’s teeth pack, etc. but direct order only) and will also be releasing new artillery gun pits (sandbag, log and trench). Release date is 27MAR11 for those.

Last but not least are new pond and swamp terrain piece sets.

It’s a good time to be the defender!

[Updated: 2MAR11]

15mm Buildings and Terrain — News

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Battlefront announced it is delaying the release of its new Italian terrain pieces. The Ruined Monastery, Vineyards, and Rural Roads will not be released for 6-12 months due to “overseas issues.”

More curious is the lack of mention of the European buildings announced last year and shown in Wargames Illustrated issue #268 in February of 2010. We hope these will still be released.

Townhouse Row E
MBA Townhouse Row E

The Miniature Building Authority released a new addition to its Townhouse line. Townhouse Row E is now available and includes a corner building. All of the Townhouse buildings are fully painted and well done overall.

Also see, 15mm Pre-Painted Buildings — A Few Choices.

New 15mm European Village Set Coming Soon

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Wargames Illustrated #268As indicated a year ago, Battlefront has a new 15mm European Village set in the works for its Gale Force 9 Battlefield in a Box series. The recent issue of Wargames Illustrated (issue 268 – February 2010) gives a nice description on page 54,

These buildings come in a multitude of different styles and textures, including a corner store building…Included in these samples were various village wall sections…The buildings and walls come out of the box pre-painted and each level of the building is removable.

The article has a number of pictures of the buildings and walls and they do indeed look great. This will be an excellent set and a must get for 15mm European front gamers.

MBA 15mm Hedgerow Set — Review

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MBA 15mm Hedgerow Set
MBA 15mm Hedgerow Set

The Miniature Building Authority recently released a new 15mm pre-painted Hedgerow set. The set comes with eight six-inch long hedgerow sections (so you get four feet of hedge in all). One hedgerow section has a breach, another a gate, and the rest are solid. The breach is not quite large enough to fit larger tanks, such as the German Panther, but a Sherman fits just fine. The gate is a small, closed wooden gate. Read the rest of this entry »

New 15mm Buildings and Terrain from Battlefront

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Tabletop Gaming News had an exciting bit of…well…news that we do not think got as much attention as it deserved. Buried in their Battlefront GF9/WI purchase questions article was the following great news (highlights, edits and links added by us),

…will GF9 be working on new Flames of War terrain products and will we see an increase in the number of terrain products that GF9 produce for FoW?

Oh yes indeed! Jason (Jason Buyaki, terrain builder extraordinaire) has been very busy for us and with a few products we did not manage to get out last year 2009 will be a bumper 15mm year. We have a complete range of painted European houses, three story (all interchangeable) buildings in 24 variants, 8 destroyed variants and a wonderful church. We have a new range of painted dug-in scenics, new river sections and roads for both town and country made in the same flexible rubber as our river set all in full painted ready to use state. In the last quarter we will have a selection of Market Garden items for the end of the year, which will likely include the Son bridge, a Bailey bridge and one end of Arnhem bridge to represent it on the board as the full thing takes up a little too much space on the gaming table.

Also see Flames of War Releases — 2010.

Sabol Designs Combat Mat

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Combat Mat - Sand

Sabol Designs has produced an interesting product. The Combat Mat is a game mat for use with miniature games. What is different about it is that instead of being made of cloth or even a texturized rubber as other game mats are it is essentially a huge photograph. They currently have two versions including ‘plains’ and ‘sand’. The mat is 6’x4′ in size and rolls up for storage/transport. It has a rubberized back to keep it from moving around but the top is smooth. At less than $60 it is certainly a unique alternative to Games Workshop’s new Realm of Battle Gameboard.

The Miniature Mayhem blog has more photos of the mat along with a video.

Landmark 15mm Buildings — Review

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It has been awhile since we first looked at some pre-painted 15mm building choices. Unfortunately, Battlefront has still not released any northwest European buildings in their Battlefield in a Box line. Luckily we recently discovered the 15mm buildings from Landmark. They are very nicely done resin-cast pre-painted buildings. They have a feel closer to china or ceramic as opposed to the more plastic feel of other resin buildings (I think this is due more to the crisp casting than the actual material). The castings are extremely crisp and clean and the painting is also very clean and well done. So much so that they almost look too nice on the table! They certainly give a pre-battle feel to the tabletop. Read the rest of this entry »