Flames of War Releases — 2010

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fow-river-forkBattlefront announced a truck load of upcoming releases for Flames of War. They detailed their plans not only for the rest of 2009 but all the way through to July 2010 — although we suspect they will still have a few surprises.

fow-small-pine-woodThe focus is on airborne operations and Operation Market-Garden in particular. Also of note are the new hill and forest sets, new spray paint, a new Eastern Front book, four river expansion boxes, and the Vietnam releases.

fow-abridgetoofar-coverWargames Illustrated 268 will feature Operation Market-Garden. February 2010 sees the release of the A Bridge Too Far book. In April we should get Firestorm – Market Garden to pull all the new material together.

fow-Firestorm-Market-Garden-coverMid year, Battlefront changes gears and a new late war Italy book will be out followed by the first of the early war releases including the first early war army book.

It is going to be a great, but expensive, year for Flames of War fans.


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