View from the Turret — Now on Twitter!

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TwitterWe finally got around to getting a Twitter account for the site. We intend to tweet posts and the occasional extra tidbits. We promise you won’t be hearing about our breakfast or the guy we’re standing behind in line at the grocery store! Follow us @fromtheturret

If you have an iPad we highly recommend Flipboard as a great way to read your favorite Twitter feeds. We do wish you could simply subscribe to straight RSS on Flipboard but that still is not really possible except by using a Google Reader account. Twitter’s own iPad app is also excellent. On the computer Twhirl is a nice, simple Twitter client and TweetDeck is for the power user.

On a related note, we have always had a RSS feed for the site. Our favorite RSS reader for the iPad is the Pulse News Reader. It is not as attractive as Flipboard but still quite nice. Reeder is a solid, if conventional, RSS reader that hooks to your Google Reader account.

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