Pig Iron System Troopers

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Pig Iron Ironside
Pig Iron Ironside

We have always been fans of Pig Iron Productions. We especially like their vehicles. But they recently released a new line of 28mm sci-fi troops that we really like, the System Troopers. They currently only have five troop figures available but they are a nice looking group with a heavy, non-powered armor and unique helmet design that makes them look like they mean business. PI describes them very well, “Seriously tooled-up, armoured infantry, ideal for cleansing pockets of fierce resistance.”

Pig Iron figures are all metal and, as always, they have separate heads. Pig Iron’s other figures fill out various techs from colonial militia to police forces. Their vehicles are detailed resin castings with metal bits.

System Trooper
System Trooper

If you want stand-ins for Imperial Guard Storm Troopers or just generic troops for another ruleset check them out. We look forward to upcoming releases in the range.

Pig Iron System Troopers

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    […] Iron Productions has released a couple new figures for their System Trooper range of 28mm sci-fi figures. The new figures are equipped with special weapons and come with two […]

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