40K Radio is Back!

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40K RadioFollowing the sudden demise of the 40K Radio podcast all of the rights were purchased by Romeo Filip, owner of Battlefoam. They did an intro show #1 a few weeks ago but we were less than impressed. But they have now done shows #2 and #3 and both have been very good. Without Spencer the show lacks a bit of energy but is, so far at least, more on topic. The hosts and Romeo are doing a good job covering the various aspects of Warhammer 40K. There is no more drinking on the show now and it is more family friendly in general. Some may call this a negative but it allows younger listeners to enjoy the show as well as us old timers.

Update: We still like the show but it made a substantial turn to the non-younger audience friendly side. The guys will often slip into less than child sensitive language as well as sophomoric rants in general. Sometimes humorous but certainly not for younger audiences.

[Updated: 12DEC10]

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