World at War Compendium

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WaW-compendium-coverWe are huge fans of the World at War system by Lock ‘n Load Publishing. Well WaW fans better start warming up their wallets because LnL just announced that the World at War Compendium is now on pre-order. According to LnL, the Compendium will include, “over 100 pages jam-packed with World at War scenarios, analysis and articles…. Not to mention new maps and 88 new, die-cut counters. Better yet, there won’t be much of a wait. Almost  all the material is ready; the World at War Compendium will ship before Christmas.”

Fans of LnL’s Line of Fire PDF magazine may be somewhat disappointed to learn that the 100 pages includes almost all of the WaW articles from LoF but there are still 30 pages of new material plus scenarios, card stock maps and die-cut counters. The Compendium will be available in a print version as well as a PDF download.

Note: The PDF version is now available for purchase.

[Updated: 5DEC09]

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