Klingon Armada — Now Available

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mj12-klingon-armada-coverKlingon Armada, the Star Trek expansion to Starmada, is now available. You can get it from ADB or MJ12. Klingon Armada uses the license from ADB and their Federation Commander/Star Fleet Battles universe for quick play Star Trek rules using the Starmada rules system. FC/SFB fans can finally fight larger fleet actions. The game is also ideal for use with the Starline 2400 miniatures. A printed version of the Starmada: Admiralty Edition rules is also available.

One thought on “Klingon Armada — Now Available

    […] of Starmada for ADB’s Federation Commander (Star Trek) universe (this now has the title Klingon Armada). If you already have FC or Starline 2200 miniatures this may be of interest. ADB has provided no […]

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