Shoulder of Orion — Now Available

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soo-cover-large1Bell of Lost Souls, the popular Warhammer 40K site, now has its first board wargame available. Shoulder of Orion is a two-player boardgame of sci-fi boarding actions. It is provided as a PDF and players will need to print and cut out the components.

Its really easy to learn, offers a set of 6 different fleets with differing playstyles and plays fast. Face off with a friend as deadly Colonial Marines or the brave Naval Crewman in a race against time to control the ship!

The heart of Shoulder of Orion is a set of 6 deck-tiles with different objectives and corridor layouts types on them. The players will take turns laying these down and construct a different board each time you play.

Once the board is built, you assume control of one of the six fleets of the Shoulder of Orion world, and begin your battle for control of the ship. You will hunt your foe through dark corridors, capture or defend shipboard objectives, be wary of the deadly robot, and fight your way to ultimate victory and control of the ship.

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