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Cog Prototypes
Cog Prototypes

Rackham, in Cry Havoc Online #97, released some preview images of upcoming AT-43 minis. There are a few Cog figures that all look a bit too skinny to be threatening. Hopefully the other Cog troops look a bit more scary.

There are also two new figures (troop and TacArm) for the O.N.I. Corps. I have not heard of this faction before and do not know if it is a new playable army or a portion of the U.N.A. Army. Certainly the weapons and use of the name TacArm seem to indicate U.N.A. origins.

They also showed a Therian Golgoth concept image (image1 and image2) created by a player that looks very nice indeed.

Cry Havoc Online #98 has some better looking Cogs.

Cry Havoc Online #99 has a Cog in what looks like an exoskeleton (or maybe powered armor) with missile launchers. Image1, Image2, Image3.


Cry Havoc Online #100 has a number of new AT-43 images. First is a nice size comparison shot of the Cogs. They are big indeed! There is the Fire Crawler lieutenant card. Perhaps most interesting, and very menacing, is the final MRX Golgoth conversion (image1, image2, image3, image4).

Cry Havoc #105 has some more great shots of painted Cogs.

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