Panzer Command: Kharkov Released

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Matrix Games quietly released Panzer Command: Kharkov. This is a World War Two, tactical, computer wargame. It is an update to the original Panzer Command: Operation Winter Storm game from two years ago.

I have only played the training mission so far but it looks like a minor update to the original game. PC: Kharkov now has smoke but some of the same movement and AI annoyances still seem to be present. But I will provide more details once I have had more time with the game. The original PC:OWS was a solid game; It had some issues but was enjoyable. PC: Kharkov will probably be at least as good.

The Wargamer has a preview of the game.

If you enjoy World War Two tactical wargames you should give it a look.

Get the 1.01 update.

[Updated: 28MAY08]

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