White Star Rising Announced

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White Star RisingLock ‘n Load Publishing announced a new title:

Nations at War: White Star Rising is on P500! White Star Rising is the first game in Lock ‘n Load Publishing’s Nations at War (NAW) game system.

Based on the popular World at War, NAW depicts platoon level combat in World War II. Here you’ll find everything your looking for in a platoon-level game, armor, artillery, infantry that serves as more than cannon fodder, command and control, air support, amphibious landings, desperate close assaults that leave the victor in possession of the ground and the defeated in headlong retreat, all in eight pages of rules.

White Star Rising includes two counter sheets replete with the vehicles, men, and weapons of both the American and German armies that fought in France, Belgium, and Germany in 1944-45. You’ll fight battles at Omaha Beach, in the Lorraine, on the outskirts of Belgium, and in Germany itself. There are 16 scenarios (18 for those who preorder), played out on four 11” x 17” geomorphic maps with ¾” (.75”) counters. That’s right, no more squinting to make out that tank platoon’s range. It’s all included in an attractive, bookcase-sized box.

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