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UNA Shock TacArmRackham has been busy. They have announced a number of new items for AT-43. First off the Karmans get fleshed out pretty quickly this year with a large number of new units including the King Buggy and King Mammoth. The UNA get Shock Troopers and previously unseen Shock TacArms and hero Lieutenant G Epstone in open Death Dealer TacArm armor. Rackham is also releasing a new Firetoad unit. What makes this one unique is not only its new ‘winter’ camouflage paint scheme but it will now come with all weapon options in the box (but no cargo container).

Fire WaspPerhaps the most interesting news of all comes from Rackham’s version of Forgeworld, Fire Industries. They announced the new UNA Fire Wasp buggy. As with all FI products, the Fire Wasp will be an unpainted resin model. Interestingly, the previously announced Therian Golems are now absent from the FI pages.

Rackham released an image of a prototype model of the ‘Steel Giant‘ type three strider. Also seen are army dice in tins similar to what Battlefront has done for Flames of War. On the forums, Jean Bay announced a new campaign box set for AT-43 to be released in the next few months. “This Campaign will be a product boxed set, including scenery, few special miniatures, new gaming tiles, additional rulesbook which cover new tactics options, rules for playing these new miniatures in AT-43, rules for scenery, an optimization for using the existing attachment boxes in the game, rules campaign system, huge set of scenarios and lots more. ”

2008 is looking to be a good year for AT-43! Considering the release schedule for the Karmans, we will almost certainly see a new faction for AT-43 before year’s end.

[Updated: 14FEB08]

[Update 7MAY08: Fire Industries has closed.]

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    […] quality of the rules was excellent and minis good to very good. We do not have much interest in the Karmans but we are hopeful we will see at least one more faction in […]

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