Warhammer 40K — Apocalypse Update II

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With Games Workshop’s new Warhammer 40,000 supplement, Apocalypse, now arriving to gamers, GW has posted a considerable amount of supporting material on its Website. First is a number of new Datasheets for Apocalypse including one for an Assassinorum Execution Force. There is also the Apocalypse Asset Cards.

In addition to the downloads there are a number of hobby and gaming articles as well. There are conversions for the Baneblade as well as a look at allied armies and the Vindicator Assembly Guide. They have a nice article on troop deployment in Apocalypse. Phil Kelly shows off his Tyranid force. No GW game would be complete without more information on Commissar Yarrick. Chaos players get official details on the Brass Scorpion conversion. Lastly, GW has tips on turning your normal army into an Apocalypse-sized mega army.

There is also more unofficial information out. Warseer has pictures of the Baneblade sprues as well as the new Space Marine Vindicator sprues. Once available, it looks like the Vindicator sprues will offer reasonably priced upgrade armor for Space Marine Rhinos.

Apocalypse looks to be a big WH40K release in more ways then one. Check often for new updates.

[Updated: 8JAN08]


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